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5 Place for work in Bali: Most Important Things To Consider

Updated 26 Oct 2023
hidden gem place pererenan for work

Are you tired of the usual work-from-home routine or the monotonous office environment? Looking for a unique place to combine work and leisure in a tropical paradise? Well, Pererenan might just be the hidden gem you’ve been searching for. But before you choose a place for your work sessions, there are some important things to consider to ensure you could work comfortably in Pererenan.

The 5 Most Important Things To Consider

When choosing a place to work in Pererenan, there are three essential factors to take notes to ensure that your workspace meets your needs and enhances your productivity. Here are the key considerations:

Proximity to Accommodation

Consider how close the workspace is to your accommodation. If you’re staying in Pererenan, it’s best to choose a place that is conveniently located, reducing your commute time and hassle.

Noise and Distractions

Think about the location’s surroundings. Avoid places near busy roads, construction sites, or areas with excessive noise that might hinder your concentration.

Workspace Comfort

Assess the workspace’s comfort level. Is there adequate seating, desk space and ergonomic furniture? Ensure that the workspace offers an environment conducive to focused work.

Internet Reliability

High-speed and reliable internet is non-negotiable for remote work. Check that the workspace provides a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection to prevent interruptions during your tasks.

Membership and Pricing

Review the membership options and pricing structures. Ensure that the costs are reasonable and align with your budget. It’s also beneficial to consider the flexibility of membership plans and whether they offer free trials or day passes for you to test the workspace before committing.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the ideal place to work in Pererenan that aligns with your needs, enhances your productivity, and provides an enjoyable remote work experience in this beautiful Balinese village.

Top 5 Hidden Gems in Pererenan to Work Comfortably

Pererenan offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of Canggu, making it the ideal location for remote work. However, with the numerous spots available, choosing where to go can be on the tricky side, so, we’ve rounded up some fantastic places where you can be productive while enjoying the laid-back vibes of Pererenan.

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1. Woods Bali


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Nestled in the heart of Pererenan, Woods Bali is not just about offering a unique twist to your work routine, but also about championing the concept of work-life balance. Here, working hours only stretch until 5 pm, allowing individuals ample time to relax and rejuvenate after they have a productive day.

The restaurant is an exquisite creation crafted entirely from reclaimed wood. It exudes an elegant and rustic ambiance that emanates warmth and sophistication, blending harmoniously with the surrounding nature. It has a very relaxed vibe, comfortable seating and kind staff, making it an ideal place to sit with your laptop and sip on coffee.

Once you’re done with all that hard work, you may feel like rewarding yourself. Woods serves up great cocktails, featuring a variety of options that can help you unwind after you get all your things done. What sets Woods apart are the featured events, including live jazz nights and vinyl sessions, offering a dose of entertainment to your well-deserved rest.

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The ambiance at Woods Bali is perfect for those seeking a relaxed and chill vibe in and around Pererenan and Canggu. It’s the kind of place where you can let your hair down after a productive work session and enjoy the tranquility that Pererenan has to offer.

2. Kinship Studio

At Kinship Studio, it’s all about fostering creativity and community. While it’s open exclusively to members, the membership fee offers you access to a vibrant and artistic community. Expect a range of creative opportunities, from a ceramics studio to engaging events like perfume workshops and pottery classes.

The atmosphere at Kinship Studio is relaxed, and the Wi-Fi is reliable, so you can get your work done without any hiccups. While they don’t have a pool, you’ll find ample seating for all members. It’s a place where work and artistic expression collide, making it a unique addition to your remote work journey.

3. Outpost


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For those staying at Outpost Coliving, you’re in for a bonus. Outpost’s coworking space is open to guests for free. While it may be a bit of a stroll away from the central parts of Canggu, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful setting complete with a pool and excellent Wi-Fi connectivity.

The atmosphere at Outpost is serene, making it an ideal place to work in peace. It’s a hidden gem if you’re looking for a unique place to focus on your tasks and enjoy a refreshing swim during breaks.

4. Tropical Nomad

Located on the Canggu shortcut, Tropical Nomad is a coworking space that’s perfect for digital nomads. The only drawback of being on the shortcut is the occasional traffic, but the perks outweigh the inconvenience.

The workspace is open, bright, and airy, creating a pleasant environment for a productive workday. With reliable Wi-Fi and a calm atmosphere, it’s a top-notch spot to tackle your tasks. Plus, you’ll have plenty of seating options to choose from. In Pererenan, this is a place where you can truly be productive while enjoying the island’s beauty.

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5. BWork Bali

If you find yourself in Pererenan, make sure to check out BWork Bali. This cozy coworking space is nestled near the Canggu shortcut. To access their full range of facilities, you’ll need to become a member.

Once you’re a member, you’ll be in for a treat. You’ll have access to air-conditioned meeting rooms and focus rooms, along with exciting events like lectures and yoga classes. The place can sometimes get a bit crowded and noisy, but the Wi-Fi is on point. For a more serene work environment, head over to the spacious workspace where you can also take a dip in the pool. It’s the perfect blend of work and leisure in one spot!

So, if you’re seeking a refreshing change of scenery for work and leisure, Pererenan has a host of hidden gems that cater to your needs. Whether you’re into vibrant coworking spaces, creative communities, or relaxing dining experiences, this charming village has it all. Make your workdays more enjoyable and productive by checking out these fantastic locations in Pererenan.

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