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The Best Breakfast Cafe in Pererenan

Updated 05 Mar 2024
Breakfast cafe in pererenan canggu Bali

In the village of Pererenan, away from the busy main streets and packed beaches, there’s a special place for people who love to start their day early with a good breakfast. Our place, Woods Bali, welcomes you with the smell of fresh coffee and the tropical air, making you want to come in and enjoy the morning. 

We are known for our amazing breakfasts that can make your morning routine something to look forward to. If you’re looking for the best breakfast cafe in Bali, look no further as our establishment is the place to be for a great start to your day, filled with tasty food and relaxing ambiance.

Woods Bali is more than just a great spot or the cozy vibe that we offer; it’s about creating the best breakfast experience you can find. Here, our breakfast selection is more than just your first meal—it’s a feast of different elements, showing how much we care about making good food and the joy of starting your day right. Our restaurant has something for everyone, making sure you leave happy and full.

9 Best Menu Selections for Breakfast at Woods Bali

1. Salmon Croissant

Salmon Croissant-Breakfast

Begin your morning with the Salmon Croissant, a luxurious blend of flavors contained within a flaky, buttery plain croissant. This dish elevates the classic breakfast croissant with layers of poached eggs, salmon gravlax and a touch of sour cream. The asparagus and avocado add a green freshness, perfectly complemented by the tang of balsamic and the subtle luxury of caviar. Finished with a sprinkle of dill leaf, this dish is a harmony of flavors.

2. Duck and Egg

Duck and Egg

For those who crave something heartier, the Duck and Egg offers a robust start to the day. A succulent duck leg confit paired with a poached duck egg creates a rich base, enhanced by the earthy tones of mushroom compote. The dish is balanced with the crispiness of hashbrown potato, the lightness of spinach salad and the depth of balsamic sauce, all sprinkled with parmesan cheese for that final cheesy touch.

3. Green Slush

Green Slush

The Green Slush is a refreshing dish full of fruit and veggies goodness, perfect for those looking for a lighter or vegetarian option. This vibrant blend of banana, mango, pineapple and kale, accented with mint and lemon, offers a refreshing start. The coconut milk and honey lend a creamy sweetness, while the yogurt adds a tangy finish, making every sip a refreshing delight.

4. Tomato Gazpacho

Tomato Gazpacho

Experience a chilled, savory start with the Tomato Gazpacho. This dish is a combination of fresh tomatoes, cucumber and capsicum, all brought together with a hint of red wine vinegar and basil oil. The vegetable salsa and crispy kale add texture and depth, making this gazpacho a bold and refreshing choice.

5. Spiced Chicken Boneless

Spiced Chicken Boneless

For those who lean towards the comforting warmth of poultry dishes to kick up your day, the Spiced Chicken Boneless is a must-try. Juicy, boneless chicken is seasoned to perfection and served alongside creamy mashed potato and a fresh spinach salad. The sprinkle of sesame seeds and chives adds a final touch that makes this dish a satisfying breakfast option.

6. Pan Seared Sea Bass

Pan Seared Seabass

Dive into the depths of flavor with the Pan Seared Seabass, a dish that mixes the ocean’s produce with earthy ingredients. The seabass, with its perfectly crispy skin, sits atop a bed of spiced hummus and sautéed kale, accompanied by mushroom, chimichurri and zucchini salsa for a dish that’s as nutritious as it is delicious.

7. Roasted Salmon

Roasted Salmon

The Roasted Salmon is another testament to Woods Bali’s mastery of flavor. Soft, flaky salmon is complemented by creamy mashed potato, edamame and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Crispy leek and shimeji mushroom add a texture contrast, while a drizzle of soy sauce rounds out the dish with a savory umami kick.

Woods Bali is the perfect place for those in search of the best breakfast experience in Pererenan. Each dish on our Breakfast Menu is crafted with care, attention to detail and a passion for delivering unforgettable culinary experiences. From the luxurious indulgence of our Salmon Croissant to the refreshing zest of our Green Slush, there’s a morning delight waiting for everyone.

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We invite you to start your day in Pererenan with us, where the serene ambiance of reclaimed wood furniture and our exceptional breakfast menu will make every morning a memorable one. Whether you’re a local resident or a traveler seeking the hidden gems of Bali, Woods Bali is your go-to destination for the best breakfast cafe experience. Come and visit Woods Bali today and discover the joy of starting your day right.

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