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Where to Shop for Groceries in Bali: A Guide for Expats and Visitors

Updated 28 May 2024
groceries in Bali

Bali is a paradise that offers more than just stunning beaches and vibrant culture. It’s a haven for expats seeking a relaxed lifestyle with easy access to daily necessities. This guide explores the convenience world of grocery shopping in Bali, catering to both expats settling in and visitors seeking a taste of local life. We’ll delve into the various options available, from small, convenient local marts to large, well-stocked supermarkets.

Where to Shop for Groceries in Bali

For those of you who want to get comfortable while looking for a way to glimpse at everyday life on this island, grocery shopping is one of the ways to do it. Shopping for groceries here is an adventure in itself, offering a variety of options to suit your needs and budget. Let’s explore the diverse landscape, from the friendly local warungs to the expansive supermarket chains.

1. Local Warungs and Mini-Marts


For a quintessential Balinese experience, head to a local warung or mini-mart. These small, family-run shops offer a limited selection but are perfect for grabbing daily essentials like bread, milk, eggs, and basic toiletries. The atmosphere is friendly, and it’s a great opportunity to practice your Bahasa Indonesia skills. Prices also tend to be lower than supermarkets, making them a budget-friendly choice.

2. Traditional Markets (Pasar)

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Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and aromas of a traditional Balinese market (pasar). These bustling hubs offer a feast for the senses, overflowing with fresh, local produce. From colorful fruits and vegetables to plump seafood and cuts of meat, you’ll find everything you need at competitive prices. Be prepared to haggle for the best deals – it’s all part of the experience! Cash is still king at most pasars, although some vendors might accept card payments or QRis.

3. Small Chain Supermarkets

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For convenience and a touch of familiarity, small chain supermarkets like CocoMart, and Circle K are a great option. Similarly, Indonesian small-chain supermarkets such as Indomaret and Alfamart are good enough for finding your basic grocery needs.

You could find them widespread across Bali, these stores offer a wider selection compared to warungs. You’ll find essentials alongside imported goods and household items and some chain also provide ATM machines for quick cash withdrawals. Prices are slightly higher than local markets but lower than larger supermarkets. Many of these stores stay open late and in some cases open 24/7, making them ideal for those last-minute urgent grocery needs.

4. Large Chain Supermarkets


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs, head to a large chain supermarket like Bintang, Frestive, Pepito, Tiara, or Grand Lucky. These large supermarkets offer an extensive selection of local and international products, catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences. Organized aisles, air-conditioned comfort, and a shopping experience similar to Western supermarkets make them a familiar place for expats. While prices are the highest compared to other options, these supermarkets offer convenience, quality, and sometimes even membership programs and home delivery services.

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Choosing the Right Grocery Store for You

Navigating Bali’s diverse grocery scene can feel overwhelming. Here’s a guide to help you pick the perfect spot:

  • Budget: For the most budget-friendly option, head straight to local markets (pasars) or warungs. Prepare to pay with cash or QRis for a hassle-free experience.
  • Location: If convenience might be your priority. Mini-marts and small chain supermarkets are scattered throughout Bali, offering quick access to essentials.
  • Selection: Larger supermarkets boast the widest variety, including imported goods and specialty items. However, traditional markets reign supreme for fresh, seasonal produce at competitive prices.
  • Experience: Seeking a taste of authentic Bali? Involve yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of a local market. Craving the familiar comfort of a Western-style shopping experience? Large supermarket chains offer organized aisles and air-conditioned shopping.
  • Language: Knowing some basic Bahasa Indonesia phrases can be helpful at local warungs and markets. A little effort goes a long way in enhancing your shopping experience and fostering goodwill with local vendors. But If you want to avoid confusion while shopping, store clerk and cashier at some small-chain or larger supermarket are usually well-trained in speaking english language, so you might want to head there instead.

Some Tips For Grocery Shopping in Bali

1. Reusable Shopping Bag

In recent years, the Balinese Government tried to put serious efforts on combating the environmental damage due to massive growth of tourism, one of it being the overuse of plastic bags. Many grocery stores sometimes don’t provide plastic bags and encourage you to be more Eco-conscious by bringing your own grocery bag. This is also a good way to contribute to reducing plastic waste and potentially save money on bag charges at some supermarkets by bringing your own reusable shopping bag.

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2. Cash is King

While some stores accept cards, cash is still the preferred method of payment, especially at local markets. Another way you could still pay while not carrying cash is using QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard), which allows you to make a cashless payment at some grocery store that allows cashless options, although it requires you to have a bank account that supports it.

3. Seasonal Pricing

Prices for fruits and vegetables fluctuate depending on the season. Be mindful of this to get the best deals on fresh produce. So don’t be surprised if your go-to items at your favorite grocery store sometimes have a different price whenever you visit at different times.

From traditional markets to well-stocked modern supermarkets, Bali offers a diverse grocery shopping experience for you to choose. Embrace the adventure, explore your options, and discover the hidden gems amidst the Balinese grocery scene.

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