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Bali’s Untouched Paradise : The Ultimate Guide to Amed

Updated 04 Jul 2024

Amed, a hidden gem nestled on Bali’s east coast, is a place where charm meets tranquility. Unlike the bustling south, Amed offers a glimpse into Bali’s authentic side, seamlessly blending traditional fishing villages with stunning black sand beaches. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer seeking underwater wonders or a peace-loving traveler yearning for relaxation, Amed has something special waiting for you.

Amed’s Top Destinations and Treasures

Amed Bali diving

Snorkeling and Diving Sites

Amed’s true magic lies beneath the waves. Vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful fish, playful sea turtles, and even majestic shipwrecks await snorkelers and divers. The crown jewel is undoubtedly the wreck of the USS Liberty, a World War II US Navy cargo ship that now rests peacefully on the ocean floor.

Tirta Gangga & Gitgit Waterfalls

Venture inland and discover Amed’s hidden gems – waterfalls nestled amidst lush greenery. For a refreshing dip, take a trip to Tirta Gangga, a former royal water palace with cascading pools and enchanting gardens. Gitgit Waterfall, with its powerful plunge and surrounding jungle, is another must-see for nature enthusiasts.

Pura Lempuyang & Pura Besakih

Embark on a cultural adventure by exploring Amed’s ancient temples. Pura Lempuyang, often referred to as the “Gates of Heaven,” is a captivating sight with its split gateways. Pura Besakih, also known as the “Mother Temple” of Bali, is a complex of temples offering a glimpse into the island’s rich Hindu heritage.

How to Get to Amed From Denpasar

Amed is located quite far from the main city of Denpasar, so there are some options you could opt for access to the area from Ngurah Rai Airport. Here are your options:

Taxi or Ride-Sharing

This is the most convenient choice, especially for groups. You could use well-known ride-sharing apps like GoCar or GrabCar or Blue Bird taxi to reach Amed from the city. Be prepared for slightly higher fares, but the comfort and ease of booking a ride can be a big plus. One thing to note is that if you are using these options there are only a few drivers willing to take the journey, and on your way back from Amed to Denpasar, this option becomes unavailable.

Private Car and Driver

For ultimate comfort and flexibility, consider hiring a private car and driver. This option allows you to travel directly to Amed and make spontaneous stops along the way for sightseeing or photo opportunities.

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Scooter Rental

For the adventurous souls, renting a scooter offers a fun and budget-friendly way to explore Amed. Remember to exercise caution on unfamiliar roads, wear a helmet at all times, and be mindful of traffic rules. Make sure you are comfortable using a scooter, since the trip is going to take you at least 2 hours (or more) and the roads are quite challenging. If you haven’t ridden a motorbike like a scooter before, doing this route is a bad idea. We would strongly recommend you to hire a private driver and car instead.

Finding Your Perfect Sanctuary

Amed offers a delightful range of accommodation options to suit any taste and budget. Whether you’re seeking a cultural immersion or luxurious pampering, you’ll find the perfect place to call home during your stay.

Budget Options

For budget-conscious travelers, Amed boasts a charming selection of homestays and budget hotels. Homestays provide a unique opportunity to experience Balinese hospitality firsthand, while budget hotels offer comfortable stays at affordable prices.

Mid-Range Options

If you desire a step up in comfort, Amed has a great selection of mid-range hotels and villas. Standard hotels provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, while villas offer an upgrade with private spaces and potentially stunning views. Consider Palm Garden Amed Beach & Spa Resort or Kubu Kangin Resort for a taste of luxury without breaking the bank.

Luxurious Options

Even though Amed is quite far from the lavish lifestyle of the other tourist hotspots such as Seminyak or Uluwatu, if you are willing to increase your budget, you could also opt for a more luxurious establishment such as Nalini Resort or Gili Pesona.

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A Culinary Adventure in Amed

Amed’s culinary scene is a delightful mix of local flavors and international options. Here are some top picks to tantalize your taste buds:

  • Life in Amed: This popular restaurant is known for its mouthwatering focaccia, fresh seafood dishes and decadent chocolate cake.
  • Warung Sabar: Experience the warmth of Balinese hospitality at this friendly warung. Their flavorful nasi goreng (fried rice) and mie goreng (fried noodles) are local favorites.
  • Trattoria: Craving a taste of Italy? Trattoria serves up delicious wood-fired pizzas and classic pasta dishes.
  • Other Options: Don’t miss Rimba Cafe, Warung Enak Amed, and Galanga Garden Restaurant for diverse culinary experiences. While in Amed, try local fresh fish, such as Mahi-Mahi or Barracuda.

Important Tips for Your Amed Trip

Respect Local Customs
Amed is still a relatively traditional village. Dress modestly when visiting temples and be mindful of local customs.

Currency Exchange
The local currency in Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). You can exchange your currency at the airport, money changers in Denpasar, or ATMs beforehand. The reason being that Amed is less developed than modern areas such as Kuta, so it’s hard to find a money changer here.

Weather Considerations
Amed boasts a tropical climate year-round with warm temperatures and high humidity. Pack light, breathable clothing and comfortable shoes for exploring. Don’t forget a swimsuit, sunscreen, and a hat for those sunny days. The rainy season in Bali typically occurs between November and March, so be sure to check the forecast before you go.

A Sustainable Adventure Considerations

Amed is a place where nature reigns supreme. Here are some tips for a more sustainable and eco-friendly trip:

Support Local Businesses
Choose locally-owned restaurants, shops and accommodations to give back to the community.

Minimize Waste
Avoid single-use plastics by carrying a reusable water bottle and shopping bag.

Respect the Environment
Be mindful of your impact on the environment. Dispose of trash properly and avoid littering. Since Amed is one of the places where underwater coral grows, we advise you to admire and not touch the coral reef when diving or snorkeling.

Amed calls with its untouched beauty, offering a unique blend of adventure, relaxation and cultural immersion. With this guide in hand, you’re all set to go on an unforgettable journey to discover Amed’s hidden treasures and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amed

1. What is Amed famous for?

Amed is famous for its stunning scenery, including black sand beaches, lush rice paddies, and Mount Agung as a dramatic backdrop. It’s also a renowned diving destination, with the USAT Liberty Wreck being a major draw for underwater enthusiasts.

2. What are the best things to do in Amed?

Beyond diving, Amed offers snorkeling, sunbathing on black sand beaches, sunrise hikes up Mount Agung, and exploring temples like Pura Besakih, the “Mother Temple” of Bali.

3. What’s the vibe like in Amed?

Amed is all about relaxation and soaking up the local culture. Expect a laid-back atmosphere, friendly locals, and scenery dominated by volcanic sand beaches, rice paddies, and looming Mount Agung. Compared to southern Bali, it’s refreshingly less crowded and offers a more authentic experience.

4. Where should I stay in Amed?

Amed caters to a variety of budgets with plenty of accommodation options. Budget travelers will find guesthouses and homestays, while those seeking luxury can find beachfront resorts. The main villages include Amed, Jemeluk, and Lipah, each offering a slightly different vibe. Consider your priorities when choosing your base.

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